This is a very hot topic at the moment & here is a great article together explaining how to make the decision. Based on your company & your customers & which option is most likely to engage them & bottom line deliver the best return on investment.

Should you build a store app or a mobile website? The answer depends on who you ask, and theres a very good chance that the person you ask will have very strong feelings one way or the other.

Below is a snippet from the article:

Yes, the native versus web debate is still alive and well, and those on both sides are still ready to throw down over their beliefs.

The arguments can get pretty creative. For instance:

The problem with apps, and by this I mean store apps to download on to your phone, is that there are too many to be able to organise and maintain. Its just not feasible for people to download an app for every store you go to, every product you own and every website you visit.

Its a curious argument. After all, one could easily make the statement, The problem with websites is that they are just becoming too much trouble to organise and maintain. Its just not realistic to have a website for every store you go to and every product you own.

For those looking for more pragmatic and less ideological guidance on how native apps and mobile websites fit into their digital strategies, here are three rules to live by.